We’re your new favorite hotspot in the great city of Detroit, a must-see destination for all things work and play.

Our journey started a little different than most. We purchased an old meat packing building in historic Eastern Market in 2018, anticipating a quick renovation followed by a successful launch. What could go wrong? We quickly discovered that our beloved building was caving in on itself, a result of improper care and abandonment for over forty years. We had no choice but to tear down and rebuild, saving one exterior wall and a few vintage artifacts left inside.

Fast forward to March 2020. We had finally finished construction after two long years and Bea’s was ready to make her debut. After a successful Grand Opening, we started welcoming guests into our new home, filling our office spaces and embracing our new café. This lasted for all of two weeks before the pandemic hit and we were forced to close our doors, just as quickly as we had opened them.

When we relaunched in June 2020, the world looked a little, well a lot, different. Our original business plan had gone out the window, and we had to adapt to the changing climate of the world. With a wonderful al fresco rooftop patio and a completely open social calendar, we introduced a tiny wedding program to give couples a safe place to celebrate. By the end of the year, we had successfully completed over 50 weddings, and the rest was history.

Bea’s is now thriving as one of Detroit’s premier wedding venues, while still functioning as a boutique coworking space and charming café. We’ve got it all, and we can’t wait to share it with you. It’s easy to see why we’re the place to bea.