We’re not just any café. We’re a cool café. With our choose your own adventure style drinks and lemonade cocktails, you’ll be planning your return trip sooner than you think. Open Saturday and Sunday.

Take Your Tastebuds on a Trip

Choose Your Own
Adventure Drinks

Join us and embark on a journey to create the drink of your dreams. Find your favorite combination or plan a return trip to discover something new. The possibilities are endless. Up next: Destination Delicious.

Bea’s Squeeze lemonade and coffee bar was created in partnership with Castalia at Sfumato.

Come on in or stop by for carryout.

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Must See

  • A fun and interactive experience: check the boxes to design your dream coffee, lemonade, or soda drink
  • Insider Tip: Ask for our delicious house-made Lavender Limoncello.
  • Made with our very own Bea’s Squeeze lemonade, it hits that perfect sour and sweet balance that you crave in your drink. You won’t even miss the alcohol.
  • Endless drink possibilities, keeping you coming back for more
  • Beautiful, cozy atmosphere to sit and enjoy
  • Retail shelves with locally made goods

Destination Spotlight:

The Warehouse

Things to do:

Strike a pose against one of our
signature murals
Lights, camera, action! Our warehouse space is a not-so-blank canvas, a wide-open room surrounding you with inspiring, art covered walls. Each of the murals were hand painted by an up-and-coming Detroit artist, putting their own spin on the palette provided. Create photo content for your blog or film a music video for your hot new single. Think of this space as your built-in backup dancer, letting you shine like the star that you are!

Gather with over 100 of your
closest friends
If you’re looking to host a big bash in one designated room, this is the place to do it. We even have a large garage door that opens up in the back for easy vendor setup!

Host a small business pop-up
Are you a brand-new business, testing the market before renting your own brick and mortar? Are you an online retailer, hosting in-person installation? Are you a passionate entrepreneur, just wanting to do something fun? We’ve got the spot, right here in the warehouse.

Fun Fact:
There is a large picture window that connects the warehouse to the café, giving our customers a chance to see your magic come to life right in front of their eyes. The more exposure for you and your brand, the better.

Did You Know?

There are quite a few artifacts from the original building found in the café. Can you guess what they are? Here’s a little hint: This space was formerly K. Shapiro Veal and Lamb shop!

ANSWER: The old scale, the large Chrysler refrigerator door, and the wood café tables, salvaged from the original beams.