The BeaHive

A virtual entrepreneur community.

We know how tough it can be to make genuine connections and stay motivated while working from home. We’re here to help.

The BeaHive is a virtual entrepreneur community that allows members the opportunity to learn, grow, and connect, all from the comfort of their own computer.

  • Real tools and tips to help your business
  • Enhance your financial, mental and physical well-being
  • Leverage your business in new ways
  • Authentic networking opportunities with the best of the best
  • Daily programming with a variety of entreprenurial topics

Our virtual membership offers opportunities to join the live conversation each day or watch later on your own time.

We also host competitions every week that allow you to get involved in your community and win money and prizes.

Monthly Membership

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Only $20 per month.That's less than $1 per day!

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How did the BeaHive start?

Bea’s is a new coworking space located in the heart of Eastern Market in Detroit, Michigan. On February 27, 2020, we officially launched our unique concept to the community after a two-year renovation of an old meatpacking building. We were so excited to provide a space for Detroit businesses to call their home, and finally begin our mission of giving the small business community real tools and tips to grow their business. However, just weeks after opening, COVID-19 struck the Detroit community hard and we had to close our doors after less than a month of being open.

As a new small business with the purpose of bringing people together under one roof, we saw our momentum come to a halt. But rather than get discouraged, our team decided that we needed to find a way to help the small business community now, more than ever. We hosted a special virtual event, Don’t Bea Afraid, that featured a panel of experts sharing valuable advice and included nearly 50 small businesses, giving them a chance to pop into the livestream to share their story with thousands of viewers. We were blown away with the response and decided to run with this concept and take it to the next level. We created a full virtual entrepreneur community to provide programming and support to small businesses around the country, every day.


We created this platform to unite entrepreneurs from near and far. Our mission is to give small businesses a platform to stay involved and make new connections, anywhere and anytime. We provide the flexibility that work-from-home businesses want, with the social component that they need. You’ll soon see that the BeaHive is more than just a virtual space to grow your business: we’re a passionate community of motivated entrepeneurs, working together and making valuable connections to help each other succeed.



With a variety of different live programming each day of the week, we’ve got something for everyone. Discover new ways to help your business and yourself not just survive, but thrive, during this difficult time. We’ve got expert speakers sharing genuine advice and real tools and tips to make your business the best it can Bea.


Put your knowledge to the test and grow your business through our weekly competitions. We’ve designed each contest to give you a chance to implement skills you’ve learned through our educational programming, changing up the topic weekly to address and improve all aspects of your business. If that isn’t tempting enough, we’re also giving out free money to the winners to the small business of their choice. Near or far, let us know your choice and we’ll mail you your prize. Ready, set, win!


It’s all about the networking. not only do you have a chance to join the live conversation and interact with other entrepreneurs every day, but we’ve also created dedicated opportunity to network one-on-one with a different hivemate each week. Create valuable connections and find ways to collaborate with other like-minded business owners, the easy way.

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BeaHive Benefits

  • Be a part of the Bea’s Virtual Entrepreneur Community.
  • Network and collaborate with businesses around the country.
  • Learn a new topic every day of the work week, Monday – Friday.
  • Join the live conversation from your own device.
  • Rewatch at your own time on the private Facebook page.
  • Earn buzz points to win prizes.
  • Connect with a new HiveMate each week.